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venture capital


We unlock the potential of tech talents solving difficult problems
We co-invest in the world’s top tech talents and then relentlessly support them from seed to scale leveraging our extensive tech alumni network

Co-investor promise

How we can help

Low friction
We don't lead, but we can help to bring a lead investor or choose the right one. We don't renegotiate deals or elbow anyone out. We move thoughtfully but quickly
No BS bingo
We are transparent about our process and check size and give a clear feedback to founders
Here to help — when asked
We know that entrepreneurs are beyond busy — and we leave you alone unless asked. If asked, we work hard to deliver
Access to the wisdom of our community members — from a complicated ML model and IT architecture to GTM and marketing campaigns
'Warm' access to potential customers and strategic partnerships
Access to top-notch tech professionals is our secret hiring weapon
high-caliber members


C-level members
We are seeding AlumniHub, the network of big tech alumni communities globally, and GuruDev is one of its several critical components


Anton Abdukhamidov
Hayk Ayrapetyan
Dmitry Tsybin
Dina Karakash
Stepan Svistunov


Founded by the alumni of:

Our Investment

Do I have to be an alumnus of big tech companies to be considered for investment?
Do you only invest in particular verticals?
Do you lead the rounds?
There's no such thing as "too early" for a chat with our team — we invest in people with no more than an idea, as well as established companies focused on scaling
We believe VCs don’t predict the future – founders do. And we look to founders to teach us what’s next. We've already invested in EdTech and e-commerce, but that’s not where our curiosity ends
No, we follow the co-investment strategy and we do not lead the rounds, but we can help to bring a lead investor or choose the right one
What stages do we get involved at?
Do you focus on a specific geography?
What is your check?
We don’t limit ourselves to certain geos. We invest across the globe, with local presence in London, Dubai, and Tel Aviv
US$100-500k at seed stage and US$500-1,000k at round A
Yes, we expect that at least one of co-founders is an alumni of a big tech company

We’d love to hear from you.
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